Friday, January 1, 2016

Circle Flip card instructions

I was asked for instructions for how I made these cards. for all the cards apart from the 2 Marigold flower cards I used patterned paper, the 2 Marigold ones I used an embossing folder on pieces of card.

to make a card you will need
cutting mat
bone scorer
d/s tape
either 3 circle dies or a compass ( I used spellbinder dies they cut out circles approx. 7.7cm, 7.2cm and 6.5cm)
2 different colours of card
patterned paper
6 gems or brads or something similar for embellishment (optional)
score board (optional)
If you wish to do decoupage flowers on them like I did then you will also need
A decoupage sheet with flowers (or other pattern if you wish)
silicone or mounting foam
The syringe in the picture is what I use to apply the silicone( I purchase them from the chemist, they are real cheap)

Take the largest die and from a piece of scrap card die cut a circle, fold it in half and set aside for later.
Cut out your decoupage and set aside for later. ( I like to do this now as it usually takes me the longest)
Cut out a piece of card 16.5cm x 11.5cm

Using a pencil and ruler measure from the left side 7cm top and bottom and draw a line. and do the same from the right side.
From the top of the card measure down 2cm on the left hand line and put a small dot.

Now using the circle you previously die cut, place the fold on the circle on the line on the left with the top of the circle touching the dot and trace around the circle.

Using your knife and cutting mat cut around the circle being careful not to cut in between the 2 lines, score and fold the 2 lines being careful not to score inside the circle. Then erase all pencil lines.
Cut the patterned paper 2.5cm x 11cm an 5cm x 11cm.

Using your 2nd piece of card cut 3cm x 11.5cm and 5.5cm x 11.5cm also die cut 2 circles using the 2nd largest die.
Using the smallest die an a piece of the same card you used for the card base cut out 1 circle.

Using d/s tape adhere the patterned paper pieces to the card pieces. if your using brads add them now.
Now attach to card base with d/s tape and add gems if desired.
Put d/s tape to the back of the 2 circles you cut them same size and attach to the card.
with the smaller circle stamp a sentiment and adhere to circle that is at back (Remembering when card is flat the circle at the front is actually the back one when folded.)

Now you can use your cut out flower pieces and silicone and assemble them on the front circle.

and when finished your card should look something like this

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