Sunday, November 6, 2016

More Riveted patchwork

I made 3 more cards with Riveted patchwork on them..
I also took some pics as I worked on one of the pieces...It was difficult to take pics with the shiny foil so I hope you can see what I was doing.

to make the patchwork you will need
Piece of scrap card cut to the size you wish to use on your card
retractable pen
pricker ( bought from KISS - Keep it Simply Stamping)
Ranger Inkssentials Foil Tape sheet  ( bought from KISS - Keep it Simply Stamping)
steel wool with no soap in it.. got mine from my Dad... he says you can buy it at hardware store
blending tool and the felt you use with it... ( bought from KISS - Keep it Simply Stamping)
Alcohol ink ( bought from KISS - Keep it Simply Stamping)
old credit card

The stamp set I used for the cards is Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz collection Random Gatherings CMS076 ( bought from KISS - Keep it Simply Stamping)

anyone living in the Canberra area can contact Lana from KISS - Keep it Simply Stamping on 62540661

Ok to start off, I cut random pieces of the foil and attached them to my piece of card making sure to overlap them and smoothing over with my fingers, you can also use the stylus around the edges

next I used the pen to make rivets

by firmly pressing down and twisting

then I used the pricker

to make little holes... or you could use the stylus just to make little indentations..

then I used the credit card and made stitch like marks over the seams,,,

sorry but none of the close-up pics came out when I did the pic showing how it looked  :(

Once I had added all the texture (The one on the far right had a little accident but I decided to use it any way..)

I wanted I used the blending tool to add the Alcohol ink...I added some direct to the foil and some to the blending tool..

Next you use the steel wool and rub all over the pieces... how much colour you remove is up to you...

These are my finished cards,,

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