Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hot Glue Technique

I made these 2 cards after watching a tutorial by Jennifer Evers

This will probably surprise anyone I know but, I do not own any pearlescent ink pads or any rub and buff, so I used an Encore gold ink pad, an Anita's silver ink pad (which I have now thrown out..I was given this ink pad when I first started stamping about 30years ago and when I wet to use it was leaking a clear oily residue and the pad could be spread with a knife.. eww.. yet the Encore gold inkpad which I purchased around the same time if perfect) and a blue brilliance pad. I also used Reeves Acrylic metallic paint in gold and silver instead of rub and buff. I decided to distress one of the cards to see how it came out.. hope you like them.

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