Thursday, February 4, 2016

10 cards from 1 serviette plus glad wrap technique instructions

I made another 10 cards using 1 serviette. I adhered the serviette to card with Glad wrap, a number of people asked me how to do this so I am posting the instructions and some pictures here along with photo's of the finished cards. The amount of cards you get depends on the images on the serviette, some times you get 4, other times 6..

I made these cards for cards for troops.

I could have got more cards if I had cut the smaller squares in half... but I was happy with their size.

for this technique you will need
some scrap paper ( I used printed computer paper which I no longer need)
glad wrap
pieces of card ( I use scrap card)

When doing the ironing I place a thick piece of wood on my table and have an old t-shirt sitting on top of it, you can use an ironing board, just make sure to have plenty of paper covering it so you don't get any melted plastic on it.

Separate the layers of serviette, you only wish to use the layer with the image.

cut the serviette into pieces, I cut this one into 4. I then cut my card into 2 big squares slightly smaller than the pieces with the small squares, then I cut 2 smaller squares to fit behind the large single blossoms.

next place a piece of scrap down, place a piece of card on top, then some glad wrap, making sure to overlap the edges of the card.

Place your serviette on top making sure to place it where you want the card adhered to it.

Place another piece of scrap paper on top and start ironing, ( I use a cheap iron bought for crafting, if you use your clothes iron be careful not to get plastic on it.)

When ironing give the edges and corners extra attention , carefully lift the paper and check to see if it is all adhered, if the corners are not stuck replace the paper and iron them again.

Cut the excess serviette away

All four pieces with excess trimmed away

I cut the 2 bigger pieces into 4, then made the following 10 cards


  1. Fab, I've only ever made serviettes cards with mod Podge before this looks easy and cheap too

  2. I have never made a card like this to I will have to put it on my to do list TFS

  3. Thank you for this tutorial. Will have to try this.

  4. what a great idea, and no sticky fingers