Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tim Holtz distress crayons part 2

Well I am still playing with my crayons...

For this first one I painted the card in white gesso, then scribbled some distress crayons on the card, then use my paintbrush and water to spread the crayons and then I laid a stencil on top and spritzed with water then gently pressed a paper towel onto the top to remove some of the colour..

For this one I used white gesso on card then used a stencil and a white crayon to apply dots on my card, I left the card until the crayon could no longer be smudged by touching it , then used a mini blending to tool to add distress ink then spritzed it with pearl pearl-ex, water and gum Arabic mix.
It gives it a soft shimmery look

For the next 2 I used a varnish glue as I don't have collage medium and I wanted to try out a technique Tim Holtz showed at CHA2016. So I coated some card with this medium and layered on some collage pieces with more medium coating the whole work with this medium. When this dried I add some distress crayon and blended it with my fingers..( sorry the photo is not very good)

On this one once I added the crayon I put stencils on top and used a wet wipe to remove some of the crayon..

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